Enterprise-Grade Influencer Marketing Software

Join the world's best brands using the most powerful influencer relationship management and discovery platform


The essentials for up-and-coming brands looking to ramp up influencer marketing

  1. 1 User Login & 1 Active Campaign
  2. Database of over 500,000 creators
  3. Proprietary recommendation engine
  4. Enterprise-grade CRM Software
  5. Automated Campaign Analytics


Powerful tools to efficiently manage large-scale influencer programs

  1. Includes all Basic features plus:
  2. 4 User Logins & 4 Active Campaigns
  3. Dedicated Success Manager
  4. Influencer Social Listening
  5. Watchlist: Track Influencer Activity of 5 Competitors


Customizable solution for companies looking to collaborate across multiple teams

  1. Includes all Pro features plus:
  2. Unlimited Logins & 10 Campaigns
  3. Dedicated Success Team
  4. Automatically Send Legal Contracts for eSignature
  5. Customizable Media Value & ROI Reporting
  6. Exportable data

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“If you’re working with influencers on a large scale, you could never do it effectively without a tool like Revfluence.”

Hoda Abdulla, Social Media Manager, Pierre Fabre

Learn how Pierre Fabre used Revfluence to sell out a new product line

Here’s What You Get

  • The Ultimate Influencer Database

    Scan a database of over 500,000 influencers with powerful search criteria like demographics, captions, and more

  • Customized Influencer Recommendation Engine

    Find better influencers with less effort through a recommendation engine that surfaces creators based on your preferences

  • One-click Invites

    Assemble the perfect list of influencers with one-click invites automatically customized to your campaign profile

  • Automatic Organization by Stage

    Every relationship is automatically grouped into stages, making it clear which influencers need what action

  • Seamless Communications

    Get content faster by communicating with thousands of influencers at once via mass messaging, chat, and even SMS

  • Influencer Automation

    Reduce your overhead by automating tasks such as payment, content reviews, reminders, term sheets and more

  • Real-time Results Tracking

    Track results from start to finish in real-time including purchases & other conversions

  • Campaign Dashboard

    Get valuable data in an easy to use dashboard that makes reporting campaign results a breeze

  • Data-driven Insights

    Make better decisions by seeing which influencers & content are driving the strongest ROI

  • Share Content with Your Team

    Become a content hero by sharing massive amounts of influencer generated content with your entire team

  • Easily Manage Content

    Easily access and organize your influencer generated content in one central repository

  • Manage Usage Rights

    Filter and sort content by usage rights, from Facebook Ads to Pinterest and everything in between

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